Crissi Blair and Neil Finlay are both creatives living in Waitakere, West Auckland, indulging their fondness for good books, music, photography and illustration.

Crissi is an authority on New Zealand children's books, publishing an annual guide - New Zealand Children's Books in Print. She also writes about and reviews children's books from all over the world and is always thrilled to bits when a really original piece of work arrives in the mail so she can shout about it. She has a Bachelor of Design & Visual Arts (Graphic Design & Animation) from Unitec and is venturing into the world of book design (after years spent criticising other people's work) and looks forward to interesting projects to put her own mark on. She also has her own quirky style of illustration and thorough research skills to put to use on whatever tasks she works on. Crissi also works as librarian in the St Cuthberts College Smith Gray Library where she shares books, both new and old, with children from Year 0 to Year 6.

Download Crissi's guide New Zealand Children's Books in Print free here or

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Download Crissi's visual portfolio and cv here

Neil is a photographer, specialising in hand-printed black and white images, but just as skilled in the digital arena with expertise in inkjet printing. He is a musician with a deep love of old time blues and country music, playing guitar and harmonica and getting out there solo or with others in duo, trio, quartet and bigger, whatever the occasion requires, from background music for an event to a full-blown rock and roll or blues band.
Go to Neil's website to order his blues CD Stop and Listen


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